Welcome to stairway of Guitar World!

​Here you can Learn to fly on guitar [Bass, rhythm & lead], acoustic/electric, classical, rock, flamenco and other popular styles, beginner to advanced level.  Modes of Learning:  one to one, group, online through Skype, google/facebook video chat etc.  

Our experienced, professional staff is adept at working with anyone–youngster through adult–at any skill level–beginner through advanced.

All genres viz classical, rock, metal, pop, blues, bollywood, old classics Hindi and English, 70’s, 80’s, contemporary.  Techniks viz flamenco, slap n pop groove (bass guitar), fingerpicking, scales and chord theory, improvisation, arpeggios, legato, soloing etc.

Avail home tuitions (either in person OR Online through skype, google/ facebook video).
Develop a deep knowledge of chords, scales, modes and arpeggios and build an intuitive improvisational ability.  Learn to read staff notations, sheet music.

The courses structured and designed enable an individual to play the Guitar with and learn and understand theory in the least time possible and as fast as possible.  Syllabus/curriculum of Trinity Rock&pop UK and Rockschool UK followed thereby enabling you to clear exams/grades and attain certification.

Jazzelinn Guitars calls all aspiring individuals who want to learn to play the Guitar as a Hobby, or Passion, or even as a Career, to join us and try our Efficient and Easy to Learn Guitar Courses.

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About Us:


My Name is Suchait, and I am the Guitar Teacher at ‘Jazzelinn Guitar School’.


My current students’ age group range from 7 years old to 68, beginners to advanced.


I have been playing guitar since around 25 years I have been teaching since 18 years, and also have many years experience of band and stage performing, and I have observed that those who really want to play, will play, irrespective of what their age is.


The way I teach is to make playing the guitar as much fun as possible, while progressing very quickly in which music reading is an essence. The lessons I create are practical to be able to PLAY the guitar as quickly as possible.


It’s essential to train the students in a way to make them able to play the songs they want, blended with techniques to keep them always moving forward.


I have had a great deal of success over the years, with several students being able to play in bands and live performances.